Invest Anonymous FAQs

The Invest Anonymous Solution is a powerful legal tool that helps buyers of all kind purchase assets and properties anonymouslyusing LLC protections, in order to limit their personal exposure and keep their names out of the public record to maintain their privacy. Invest Anonymous is tailor-made to each specific investor because no two investments are the same. Instead of investing in assets and purchasing properties the old-fashioned way, which lets anyone with an internet connection know all about your business, we create a protective legal shield around you and keep your name out of the public eye.  

100% yes! We are a law firm (unlike most of our competitors). We do not mess around with questionable schemes. Our Invest Anonymous Solution is derived from specific state laws and regulations, and we follow them all the way. You won’t lose sleep at night when you work with us.
Only if you want to keep your name out of the public records! Anonymous investing is not a requirement for investing. You can create and use an LLC or even use your own name (not recommended!) to invest and buy properties. Just know what you’re getting yourself into. The moment you form a company and/or record title to a property you bought, your name will be out there – and so will your investments. So if you like everyone having access to your business,
We use local laws to create a company, usually an LLC, or multiple companies that end up owning the real estate property. This give you legal protections because the property is not owned in your name. With the use of an LLC, we can eliminate personal liability in case a lawsuit is filed relating to the property. If you owned the property in your name, then everything you own (cash, bank accounts, personal items, jewelry, cars, homes, etc.) can be exposed in a lawsuit. With an LLC, done and management properly, your personal items are protected.
Technically, no. Just like you don’t “need” a car mechanic to fix your car and don’t “need” a plumber to stop a leak. You can do it yourself and hope that you do everything right. The real question is: should you? Professionals exist for a reason. For example, you can file and form an LLC yourself, but if you make a mistake then the important personal protections from liability may be void. You can download all the forms and read all the google articles in the world, but like my coffee mug says: “Don’t Confuse Your Google Search with MY Law Degree.”
Don’t! Once you complete and record the transaction, your name will immediately become a part of the “chain of title,” which is a fancy way of saying the “historical list of owners of a specific piece of property.” Of course, you can always transfer the property from your name to the name of an anonymous company, but that will not erase your name from the list of prior owners. Best to just avoid your name every appearing in the record at all.

Privacy! Because your ownership is not publicly available, you gain unique benefits like confidentiality, privacy protection, and harassment prevention. Fraudsters and moochers will not be able to find an anonymous company’s list of owners with a simple internet search. This benefit, of course, is on top of the personal liability protections you get by owning with an LLC.

With so many benefits, the real question is: What is there left to think about?

Give us a call today! We can answer any question and get the process going.

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